2014-03-26 | SECTIONS

Environment and History

The section serves as a general introduction to the museum, with information on the natural and environmental history, population dynamics, the organization of productive activities, and the history of settlements. Accordingly, varied types of objects have been identified that are considered important to those time periods central to the history of the city and the territory.
This section revolves around a 3-D reconstruction of the area surrounding the Padule of Fucecchio. Using an interactive system of lights, it is possible to see the transformations that have taken place as a result of land reclamation, offering a view of the area immediately referable to the present day.
A valuable set of maps (original and reproductions) from the XVI to the XVIII centuries provides an account of the environmental changes caused by flood control and land reclamation in the Fucecchio lake-marsh.
An eloquent film explains its environmental and natural features.

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Geology and Paleontology

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Ancient and Medieval Archaeology

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The Padule of Fucecchio

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