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The building that houses the museum

The Museum of the City and the Territory is located in the Osteria dei Pellegrini.

The Osteria dei Pellegrini, or pilgrims’ hostel, was supported by Grand Duke Ferdinando I de' Medici, and built to accommodate the pilgrims coming to venerate the Virgin’s image at the nearby Fontenuova Shrine. Its design was entrusted to Gherardo Mechini, the grand-ducal architect. Under the direction of Master Builder Domenico Marcacci, work was begun in 1607 and ended in 1616. The Osteria building continued to receive pilgrims until 1775 when it became the seat of the Comunità delle Due Terre, a municipal corporation that combined the towns of Monsummano and Montevettolini. In 1833, the chancery seat was established there. In 1855, the building was purchased from the Comunità; it was used to house the prisons and court offices until the mid-1970s. Between 1995 and 1998, the building was reinforced and restored, which made possible the creation of the Museum of the City and the Territory. The first floor was opened to the public on 12 December 1998. The second, dedicated to the twentieth century, opened on 11 June 2005.

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› G. Carla Romby President University of Florence, expert in the History of Architecture and Cities› Pier Virgilio Arrigoni Expert in the Natural Environment, Geology, and Paleontology›


Reflecting its community and its history, the Museum of the City and the Territory can be defined as a workshop for the history of communities in the Valdinievole, with particular attention to the draining