2014-03-26 | THE MUSEUM


    Reflecting its community and its history, the Museum of the City and the Territory can be defined as a workshop for the history of communities in the Valdinievole, with particular attention to the draining of the Padule of Fucecchio. It is an educational reference point and the base for tours that, revolving around the museum itself, concern the area’s cultural heritage. The museum sponsors research and studies on various aspects of the Valdinievole, launching an ongoing effort to raise awareness of the area’s cultural heritage through publications, meetings, conferences, and exhibitions.

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    Carta dei Servizi

    The Service Charter is the tool with which the Museum communicates with its users and lists its services

    Consult the Charter of Museum Services in pdf format (Decision n.814 of 12/20/2022).

    Municipal Library and Historical Archive

    A treasure chest of books and a treasure trove of documents to discover

    The Giuseppe Giusti Municipal Library of Monsummano Terme was founded in the 1960s on the initiative of the Municipal Administration and some volunteers.It developed above all as a reading and book lending

    City and Territory Museum

    A mirror of the territory, the population and its history

    The history of the City and Territory Museum is both recent and very ancient.Recent is the enthusiasm of those who wanted it, very ancient is the history written in the things, in the looks and in the