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Osteria dei Pellegrini

The historic building that houses the museum and library

The City and Territory Museum is housed in the Osteria dei Pellegrini.

The construction of the Osteria dei Pellegrini was promoted by the Grand Duke Ferdinando I de' Medici to welcome the pilgrims who went to venerate the image of the Madonna in the nearby Sanctuary of Fontenuova.

The project was entrusted to the grand-ducal architect Gherardo Mechini. The works, under the direction of the master builder Domenico Marcacci, started in 1607 and ended in 1616.

The Osteria building continued to fulfill the function of welcoming pilgrims until 1775, when it became the seat of the Community of the Two Lands which unified the municipalities of Monsummano and Montevettolini.

In 1833 the Chancellery was established there and in 1855 the building, purchased by the Community, was destined to house the prisons and judicial offices which remained there until the mid-1970s.

Between 1995 and 1998 the building underwent important consolidation and restoration works which allowed the creation of the multipurpose cultural center consisting of the Museum of the City and the Territory, the Municipal Historical Archive, the Giuseppe Giusti Municipal Library.

The Museum of the City and the Territory is spread over two floors. The first floor was opened to the public on 12 December 1998. The second, dedicated to the twentieth century, has been open since 11 June 2005.

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